Bridgestone Tyres - Workshop Floor

Product - Surface Pave-RA-4

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This Bridgestone Select tyre & mechanics workshop floor re-coating project was completed in Nov 2017 by PJF Services.

Surface Pave-RA-4 is the product being applied - a high quality Polyurea coating for interior applications.

This system was completed with the following steps

  • Floor grinding
  • Moisture Barrier Primer
  • 1st Coat Pave RA-4 with Glass Aggregate added
  • 2nd Coat Pave RA-4 - Top coat.
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Improving Car park safety

Product - Surface Pave R-4 & RA-4


Multi level car parks can be hazardous places, often poorly lit, noisy & tight spaces make for challenging navigation.
There are several ways you can improve the user experience and safety in your car park.

Carpark   glossy

Paint does wonders to bare concrete decks, walls and ceilings inside a car park - it reflects light and gives the feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness. If you have high profile tenants or clients you should consider painting your car park to add value and awareness.

Noise Control
High gloss floor coatings look great in the right places - but a car park isn't one of them. They are usually accompanied with high levels of tyre squeal and tyre skid marks on ramps and corners. They are particularity hazardous when wet because of the glare from lights as well as becoming extra slippery.
Low sheen or flat is easier on the eyes, hides defects and is oh so quiet.

Anti-Skid Car park Surface coating
As the top photo above and one below show - a low glare anti-skid car park looks and feels great. Surface NZ coatings are designed to look good and last the distance. Some systems consist of up to 5 layers from primer through to the final top coat. Each one is a key component in the completed system providing surface finish, moisture protection, anti skid and a great looking floor.

Talk to us if you are looking for high quality and easily maintained anti-skid coatings for your car park.


New Accessible Car park surface

Product - Surface Pave R-4 & RA-4

Accessible Car Park   Surface NZ

This project was a bit unique, the task was to replace the old completely failed resin coating with something that would last.
The *old coating was up to 10mm thick in places and had become separated from the substrate, water has got in and it was a dangerous tripping hazard.

* the old coating was actually less than 2 years old

Pioneer collage

Once the old coating was removed by hand, the surface was prepared using a diamond grinder 'bushhammer' head and then a 5 coat system applied using toughened glass as the anti-skid medium.

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Accessible Car park - Surface NZ